Wedding. August 15, 1933. Riverside, CA.
Me @ 6 months.
My mother's family, Riverside, California, 12 Apr 1936.
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George Eugene "Gene" Hill (1911-1996).
Frank Bernard Hill (1883-1967).
Ida Ellen (Kohlhaas) Hill (1878-1966).
Alice Marie (Greek) Hill (1912-2002).
Claude Melvin Greek (1885-1945).
Mary Elizabeth "Mayme" (Sheridan) Greek (1880-1944).
Charles Williford Greek (1884-1929).
Carletta (Colette) Margaret Greek a.k.a Sister Mary Luke Greek, O.P.(1907-1929).
Irene Cecilia Greek a.k.a Sister Mary Colette Greek, O.P.(1909-2000).
Clarence Joseph "Bud" Greek (1910-1988).
Raymond Bernard "Ray" Greek (1916-2001).
Roland Edwin "Rolly" Greek (1921-2008).
William Leonard "Bill" Greek (1923-1971).
John Melvin "Jack" Greek (1928-1994).

From genealogical information passed down to me from previous generations and using the resources of, I have put together a family tree of the Greek and Hill sides of my family. The tree is known as the Roger E Hill Family Tree on At the time of this writing, April, 2021, the tree contains 485 people whose birth years span over 450 years (1561 to 2019).

I have made the tree public so if you are a subscriber to you can see the full tree and all of its details by accessing the Roger E Hill Family Tree. If you are not a subscriber, you can still access the full tree as an invited Guest. Just contact me ( with your email address and I will have invite you to be a Guest.

For those without access to, I have included on this webpage 14 printed pages that show the essential facts of my family's ancestry.

Page 1 shows the branches between me and 15 of my 16 great-great-grandparents. Of the 16, three were born in Ireland, one in England, two in Germany and one in Alsace. The other 9 were US born, most with families going back to colonial America.

Page 1. Roger E. Hill (1936-).
The subsequent pages are the family trees of 10 of my great-great-grandparents: 4 from the Greek family and 6 from the Hill family. Most of these trees are complete for 4 generations going back to my 6th great-grand parents. Some of them actually go back several generations beyond that to relatives alive at the time of William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. These can be seen on I haven't included them here for brevity's sake.

Page 2 shows the ancestry of my great-great-grandfather, Joseph M Greek (1822-1911). Joseph's father, Henry Greek (1795-1835), changed his name from Krieg to Greek. Henry's father was (Johann) Elias Krieg (1773-1825), the patriarch of the American branch of the Greek family. Elias was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1773. Elias' father, Carl Krieg (1747-1784), was born in Germany and immigrated to America sometime before his marriage to Elias' mother, Anna Miller (1750-1790), in 1772 in Upper Salford, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Almost all of Carl's family came from the area around the town of Lindach, Ostalbkreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (about 30 miles ENE of Stuttgart). This area suffered greatly during the 30 years war (1618-1648) between Protestants and Catholics. Historians estimate that the Duchy of Württemberg had lost almost two thirds of its population from the fighting, hunger, disease, murder and pillage. In 1618 it had 350,000 inhabitants; in 1648 just 120,000 were left. Some of the worst fighting in this area occurred in 1634 when our ancestor Jacob Krieg was 14 years old. Fortunately for us, Jacob as well as his parents, Michael and Anna, survived that horrible war.

Joseph Greek's mother was Kate Sellers (1795-1875) whose mother was, coincidentally (not related to my father), named Susannah Hill whose family also originated in Germany. This German branch of the Hill family settled in Pennsylvania and originated in the region around the town of Enkirch, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. This is a pretty little town in the wine country on the right bank of the Moselle River.
Enkirch, Germany
Joseph's great-great grandfather, Johann Daniel Hill (1694-1767) and his wife, Anna (1694-1760), immigrated from EnKirch to Pennsylvania sometime before the birth of their son, Johannes Jacob Hill in 1726. Johann and his son were reported to have been captured by Indians in Pennsylvania and taken to Canada. Johann died of starvation while in captivity but his son Johannes Jacob escaped.

Page 2. Joseph M. Greek (1822-1911).
Page 2b traces Johann Daniel Hill's branch of the family back to Johannes (Jacob) Hill born in Enkirch in 1627.

Joseph's wife was Berilla Mills (1829-1908) whose grandfather was James Owen Mills born in 1769 near the town of Lebanon in York County, Maine. James Owen Mills migrated to Gibson County, Indiana, where he died in 1838. Berilla was an avid genealogist and left records of much of the Greek and Mills family history some of which I've drawn upon to create this family tree. She was the mother of 12 children all born in Gibson, County, Indiana.

Page 3. Berilla (Mills) Greek (1829-1908).

On May 27, 1882, John Henry Greek married my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Williford (1857-1933) in what is now Point Arena in Mendocino County, California. Her parents were Isaac Newton Williford (1834-1904) and Eliza Jane Beebe (1828-1873). The Williford (and Beebe) family got to Mendocino County, CA, by a wagon train that left Ft. Smith, Arkansas, in 1854. The wagon train was commanded by Eliza Beebe's father, Captain David F. Beebe (1806-1870).

Most of the American branch of the Williford family originated in Virginia. The oldest member of that branch I have identified is Andrew John Williford (1645-1745) born in Westmoreland, Virginia in 1645. The English branch goes back much further.

Page 4. Isaac Newton Williford (1834-1904).

Andrew's father was Sir/Capt Thomas Williford II (1610-1677) born in England and immigrated to what is now known as Westmoreland County, Virgina. A history of the Williford family (reproduced on the pages) reports that: "One of his neighbors and friends was a fellow emigrant from England whom he quite likely had known in their native land. This was John Washington, whose great-grandson was destined to become the first President of the United States and two of whose aunts had married relatives of Captain Wilford."

"In 1676 Thomas Wilford was one of three prominent landowners who joined Nathaniel Bacon, Jr., in leading a rebellion against heavy taxes and Governor Berkeley's failure to suppress Indian massacres. Through their efforts James Towne was partially burned and Governor Berkeley was temporarily driven from the capital. At the peak of their success, however, Bacon died suddenly. The Governor promptly sent out raiding parties and captured Major Chisholm, Thomas Hansford, and Captain Wilford. The latter two were taken before Berkeley's court on shipboard in the Eastern Shore area, where they were summarily condemned and later hanged." The hanging occurred on 24 January, 1677, in Greene Springs, Virginia.

Thomas' grandfather was Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629) who was knighted by king James I in 1603. He was the descendant of a long line of English notables: members of Parliament, scholars, the Sheriff of London, the Archbishop of York, etc. According to the Williford family history:
"Sir Edwin Sandy’s main energies were devoted to the Virginia Company. He had been appointed a member of His Majesty's Council for Virginia on 9 March 1607. In 1617 he was chosen to assist Sir Thomas Smythe, the treasurer, in the management of the company. ---On 28 April 1619 a combination of parties resulted in the almost unanimous election of Sandys to the treasurership, ----During the years 1619, 1629, and 1621 the Virginia Company under Sandys provided and sent to Virginia 42 ships and 3,570 men and women, with provisions, cattle, and the like. It dispatched the Mayflower from Plymouth, England, on 6 September 1620 with a load of 102 passengers; the vessel landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts, on 11 December. The company also sent to Bermuda nine ships and some 900 persons to settle there."
So, our relatives didn't "come over" on the Mayflower, they owned and provisioned the Mayflower and recruited its passengers.

Page 4b. John Williford, Jr (1699-1761).

Most of Eliza Jane's American ancestors lived in colonial New England. The oldest Beebe I have identified is Gideon Beebe born in New London, Connecticut, in 1713.

Page 5. Eliza Jane Beebe (1828-1873).

Turning now to the ancestry on my father's side of the family, I begin with the grandparents of my beloved Grandma Hill, Ida Ellen (Kohlhass) Hill (1878-1966).

Ida's father was August "Gus" Kohlhass who was born in Illinois in 1853 and died in San Bernardino, California, in 1928. Gus was a first generation immigrant: his father (John?) was born in Germany (I remember Ida referring to him as a Prussian). Gus' mother was Mary Ziebold (Liebold?). I know nothing further about them and have made no effort to trace them on

Ida's mother was Margaret Stoltz (1858-1936) whose parents were George Stoltz (1817-1892) and Margaret Hinkle (1821-1891). George immigrated to Illinois from Alsace-Lorraine along with his parents, Johann Adam (1786-1865) and Maria Eva Jordi (1783-1860). The couple, known to everyone as Adam and Eve, were shepherds in the Alsatian countryside and became landed farmers in Wabash County, Illinois. The Stoltz family roots in Alsace-Lorraine go back for many generations. Most of George's ancestors came from a region
of what is now the Bas-Rhin Department of France about 25 miles NNE of Strasbourg and 15 miles West of the Rhine river .

Page 6. George Stoltz (1817-1892).
Margaret's mother was Margaret (Hinkle) Stoltz (1821-1891). The American branch of the Hinkle family originated in Germantown, Pennsylvania, and what is now Davidson County, North Carolina. Margaret Hinkle's father was Peter Hinkle III (1796-1861) who migrated from the area around Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to help found a branch of the Moravian Church in West Salem, Illinois. Margaret's ancestors appear to be almost all members of the Moravian church. This is probably the oldest Protestant denomination having been founded in 15th century Bohemia (modern Czech Republic). The Moravian church has as its motto:"In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty; and in all things love."
Margaret was the mother of 13 children all born in Wabash County, Illinois.

Page 7. Margaret (Hinkle) Stoltz (1821-1891)

My great-grandfather, Henry Hezekiah Hill was born in White County, Illinois, in 1853 and died in the same County in May of 1936. His parents were John F. Hill (1828-1885) and Rebecca L. Vineyard (1831-1903) both of whom were also born in White County, Illinois. It was Samuel Hill, Jr. (1775-1850) that brought the Hill family to Illinois. He and his wife Nancy (1774-1809) and four young children left Hanover County, Virginia, in about 1808. They traveled by wagon over the Wilderness Road founded by Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap and onto Tennessee and Kentucky. Nancy died in childbirth or shortly after the birth of her 5th child, Samuel Hill III, while en route to Illinois.

Page 8. John F. Hill (1828-1885).

Henry's mother Rebecca Vineyard has ancestral roots deep in Colonial America (mostly Virginia). Though not show here, some of her relatives were born in 1670 near Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Page 9. Rebecca L. Vineyard (1831-1903).

In 1872, Henry Hezekiah married my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Jordan (1858-1951) who was also born in White County, Illinois. As were her parents, William A. Jordan (1837-1917) and Caroline (Cynthia) Summers (1837-1932). The Jordan family arrived in Virginia in 1635. Mary's direct ancestor was Arthur Jordan II born in Surrey England in 1627 who was 8 years old when the family settled just upriver from the Jamestown settlement. The Jordan's became an important part of life in colonial Virginia. Arthur's brother Col George Jordan (1620-1678) was a long time member of the Virginia Assembly and served as the Attorney General of Virginia from 1670 to his death in 1678. Arthur Jordan II died on his plantation near Jamestown, Virginia, in January 1699 (possibly 1698).

Page 10. William A. Jordan (1837-1917).

Page 10b. Arthur Reuben Jordan (1718-1793).

Mary Jordan's mother, Caroline (Cynthia) Summers (1837-1932), also had roots deep in Colonial America, mostly Virginia and Maryland. Notable among her ancestors was John A. Bruce who with his wife, Mary Ann Smith (1744-1818) immigrated from Edinburgh, Scotland, to Wilkes County, North Carolina, sometime before the birth of their daughter Sarah Bruce in 1768.

Page 11. Caroline (Cynthia) Summers (1837-1932).
Scotland ----------------- 44-61%
England and
Northwestern Europe ----- 34-39%
Germanic Europe ---------- 0-24%
Ireland --------------------- 0-7%
Norway --------------------- 0-3%