Charles Williford Greek

Charles Williford Greek was the oldest son of John Henry and Mary Elizabeth (Williford) Greek. The family lived on a farm in Francisco, Gibson County, IN. Shortly after the turn of the century, John and Mary bought a 40 acre farm in Moreno near Riverside, CA and moved away from Gibson County with young children Mabel Claire and John Fremont (Mont). Sons Charles, Claude and David remained behind in IN for awhile. In 1910, David was still living in IN (Princeton) but moved to CA sometime before 1917. In 1905 Claude married Mayme Sheridan in Princeton, IN, and their first three children were born there. Claude and Mayme moved with their family to Riverside, CA, in 1911. Charlie evidently left for California in early 1901 when he was 17 years old. By 1910 he was living in San Francisco and working as a street car conductor.

Before leaving Indiana, Charlie passed around an autograph album that was signed by some of his schoolmates, friends and relatives in Gibson County. This album of well wishes might be considered as a 1901 version of a 17 year old's Facebook page.

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