Wedding. August 15, 1933. Riverside, CA.
Me @ 6 months.
My mother's family, Riverside, California, 12 Apr 1936.
From genealogical information passed down to me from previous generations and using the resources of, I have put together a family tree of the Greek and Hill sides of my family. The tree is known as the Roger E Hill Family Tree on At the time of this writing, May, 2018, the tree contains 362 people whose birth years span almost 400 years (1627 to 2016).

I have made the tree public so if you are a subscriber to you can see the full tree and all of its details by accessing the Roger E Hill Family Tree. If you are not a subscriber, you can still access the full tree as an invited Guest. Just contact me ( with your email address and I will have invite you to be a Guest.

For those without access to, I have included on this webpage 10 printed pages that show the essential facts of my ancestry.

Page 1 shows the branches between me and 15 of my 16 great-great-grandparents.

Page 2 shows the ancestry of my great-grandfather, John Henry Greek (1855-1919), down to his great-great-grandparents. John Henry's grandfather, Henry Greek (1795-1835), changed his name from Krieg to Greek. Henry's father was (Johann) Elias Krieg (1773-1825), the patriarch of the American branch of the Greek family. Elias immigrated to Pennsylvania from Germany. Page 2a traces Elias' German roots back to his great-grand-father, Christof Krieg (1640-1709). Almost all of Elias' family came from the area around the town of Lindach, Ostalbkreis, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany (about 40 miles ENE of Stuttgart.) Henry married Kate Sellers (1795-1875) whose grand-father was, coincidentally (not related to my father), named Hill. This German branch of the Hill family settled in Pennsylvania and originated in the region around the town of Enkirch, Bernkastel-Wittlich, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, in the wine country on the right bank of the Moselle River. Page 2b traces this branch of the family back to Johannes (Jacob) Hill born in Enkirch in 1627.
John Henry's mother was Berilla Mills (1829-1908) whose grandfather was James Owen Mills born in 1769 near the town of Lebanon in York County, Maine. James Owen Mills migrated to Gibson County, Indiana, where he died in 1838.

On May 27, 1882, John Henry Greek married my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Williford (1857-1933) in what is now Point Arena in Mendocino County, California. Page 3 traces Mary Elizabeth's roots back to her great-great-grandparents. Mary Elizabeth's parents were Isaac Newton Williford (1834-1904) and Eliza Jane Beebe (1828-1873). Most of the American branch of the Williford family originated in Virginia. The oldest member of that branch identified in this tree is Mary Elizabeth's great-great-grandfather, William Williford, born in Isle of Wight County in colonial Virginia in 1731. On Page 3a I have traced the American branch of Elizabeth's mother's family back to Gideon Beebe born in New London, Connecticut, in 1713. The Williford (and Beebe) family got to Mendocino County, CA, by a wagon train that left Ft. Smith, Arkansas, in 1854. The wagon train was commanded by Eliza Beebe's father, Captain David F. Beebe (1806-1870).

My great-grandfather, Henry Hezekiah Hill was born in White County, Illinois, in 1853 and died in the same County in May of 1936. I have traced some of his ancestry as shown in Page 4. It was Samuel Hill, Jr. (1775-1850) that brought the Hill family to Illinois. He and his wife Nancy (1774-1809) and four young children left Hanover County, Virginia, in about 1808. They traveled by wagon over the Wilderness Road founded by Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap and onto Tennessee and Kentucky. Nancy died in childbirth or shortly after the birth of her 5th child, Samuel Hill III, while en route to Illinois.

In 1872, Henry Hezekiah married my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Jordan (1858-1951). On page Page 5 I show her ancestry traced to two of her great-great-grandparents: in particular, to Thomas Jordan born in Granville County, North Carolina, in 1743 and who died in Franklin County, Illinois, in 1815. Thomas' roots are shown in Page 5a traced back to Arthur Jordan II (1627-1699) born in Surrey, England, who immigrated with his family to Virginia when he was 8 years old. The Jordan's became an important part of life in colonial Virginia. Arthur's brother Col George Jordan (1620-1678) was a long time member of the Virginia Assembly and served as the Attorney General of Virginia from 1670 to his death in 1678. Arthur Jordan II died on his plantation near Jamestown, Virginia, in January 1699 (possibly 1698).

My great-grandfather, August "Gus" Kohlhass (my grandmother, Ida's father) was born in Illinois in 1853 and died in San Bernardino, California, in 1928. Gus was a first generation immigrant: his father (John?) was born in Germany (I remember Ida referring to him as a Prussian.) Gus' mother was Mary Ziebold (Liebold?). I know nothing further about them and have made no effort to trace them on

My Grandmother Ida's mother was Margaret Stoltz (1858-1936) whose ancestry traced back to her great-great-grandparents is shown in Page 6. Margaret's father, George Stoltz (1817-1892), immigrated to Illinois from Alsace-Lorraine along with his parents, Johann Adam (1786-1865) and Maria Eva (Jordi) (1783-1860) Stolz. The couple, known to everyone as Adam and Eve, were shepherds in the Alsatian countryside and became landed farmers in Wabash County, Illinois. The Stoltz family roots in Alsace-Lorraine go back for many generations.
Margaret's mother was Margaret (Hinkle) Stoltz (1821-1891). The American branch of the Hinkle family (also shown on Page 6) originated in Germantown, Pennsylvania, and Davidson County, North Carolina. Margaret Hinkle's father was Peter Hinkle III (1796-1861) who migrated from the area around Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to help found a branch of the Moravian Church in West Salem, Illinois.

7 May 2018.

Great Britain ----- 39%
Ireland ----------- 27%
Scandinavia ------- 17%
Western Europe ----- 8%
Italy/Greece ------- 3%
Spain/Portugal ----- 2%
Finland/NW Russia -- 2%
Caucasus ----------- <1%
European Jewish ---- <1%

              Page 1. Roger E Hill (1936-)
              Page 2. John Henry Greek (1855-1919), great grandfather.
              Page 2a. Carl Krieg (1747-1784), 5th great-grandfather.
              Page 2b. Johannes Jacob Hill (1726-1815), 5th great-grandfather.
              Page 3. Mary Elizabeth Williford (1857-1933), great-grandmother.
              Page 3a. Amon Beebe (1750-1830), 5th great-grandfather.
Page 4. Henry Hezekiah Hill (1853-1936), great-grandfather.
Page 5. Mary Elizabeth Jordan (1858-1951), great-grandmother.
Page 5a. Thomas Jordan (1743-1815), 5th great-grandfather.
Page 6. Margaret Stoltz (1858-1936), great-grandmother.