Roger's Scrapbook
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Frank Bernard Hill
Henry Hezekiah Hill (1853-1936) and Mary Elizabeth (Jordan) Hill (1858-1951).
The Big Four Railroad shops in Mt Carmel, Illinois, in about 1910. Frank almost certainly spent a lot of time at this facility.
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Frank and Ida's son Gene circa 1916.
Gene and Mary Lucille Hill.
This is the watch that Frank gave to Gene for his 18th birthday in 1930 and that Gene gave to me on my 18th birthday in 1954.
(If any family member reading this has an idea about who would like to inherit and would treasure this watch, I'd like to hear from you at .)
Frank with his "regular train crew". According to Jack Davies, Frank's son-in-law, the people in the photo are (L to R): Frank, his fireman, 2 brakemen and his conductor.
Frank had this photo made into a postcard that he sent from Mt Carmel to some of the family. No date is given but the logo on the tender says "New York Central" so it may have been taken about 1930.
New York Central locomotive Number 2016 in the yards at Mt Carmel, Illinois, in 1939. This is very likely one of the locomotives that Frank drove on the "Little Egypt" line of the Cairo division of the New York Central Railway.
(This photo is taken from and is reproduced here in accordance with the Flickr license agreement.)
These photos were taken circa 1948 at the Davies' family 1 acre "farm" near the corner of Electric Avenue and 41st Street in San Bernardino, CA.
At left is Frank with his youngest grandchild, David Davies, and on the right with the family cow, Goldie.
Gene with Frank's sisters Minnie (L) and Radie. White County, IL, 1951.
Gene with Frank's sisters Radie (L) and Minnie. White County, IL, 1951.
Mary Elizabeth (Jordan) Hill (1858-1951).
Henry Hezekiah and Mary Elizabeth Hill are buried together with their daughter Radie in Union Cemetery in Norris City, Illinois.
The headstone in the background bears the name Vineyard which was Henry's mother Rebecca's maiden name.
Frank and his brother Thomas Alvin Hill (1884-1964) at Tom's house in Anaheim, CA. May, 1958.
Ida and Frank, May 1959.
Ida with Frank, Alice and Gene Hill, Newport Avenue, Fontana, 2 Apr 1961.
Frank at the Baptism of his first great-grandson, Robert E Hill born on 7 Aug 1964, in Fontana, CA.
L to R: Framk, grandson John Holding Robert, Gene, and grandson, James Hill.
Frank Bernard Hill (1883-1967).