Family History Starting 1955.
Roger's Scrapbook Photos. 1955 to 1966.
Early days. Roger and Bette's wedding. Finishing College.
     Clip 1. Spring 1955 to Spring 1956.(12:48)

Catherine is born. Her first year.
      Clip 2. November 1956 to Fall 1957.(13:10)

We move to Livermore. Teresa is born. Roger works for GE's Atomic Power Division.
      Clip 3. Fall 1957 to July 1959.(12:47)

We move to Berkeley. Roger becomes a Ph.D candidate. Catherine's 2nd and Teresa's 3rd birthdays. Diana is born.
      Clip 4. July 1959 to December 1961.(21:40)

Roger connects with Norm Booth; completes thesis and PhD requirements; accepts job offer to work with Booth at University of Chicago. Family life at our Spruce Street home. Catherine starts school at Hillside Elementary in Berkeley.
      Clip 5. December 1961 to September 1963.(16:30)

The family moves to the Kenwood neighborhood of Chicago. Roger begins work with Norm Booth at the Enrico Fermi Institute of Nuclear Studies at the University of Chicago. We enroll Catherine and Teresa at Shoesmith Elementary, an integrated public school. Our next door neighbors, the DeGrazia family. Vacation in New England in the summer of 1964. Roger accepts a position at the Rutherford High Energy Laboratory in England. The family leaves New York City for the UK aboard the Queen Elizabeth in August, 1966.
      Clip 6. September 1963 to August 1966.(11:55)

Gene Hill's Home Movies 1956 to 1966.
        Hill Sisters Part1. 1956-1958 (10:43)
        Hill Sisters Part2. 1958-1959 (8:03)
        Hill Sisters Part3. 1960-1964 (10:04)
        Clips of Richard Hill. (10:20)
        Davies Family Clips. (6:18)
        Davies Home Video (edited and music by Brian Park). (9:05)
        Clips of Frank and Ida Hill. (9:24)
        Greek Family Clips. (9:07)
Roger's Slide Collection. 1967 to 1980.
People appearing in this slideshow (in order of first appearance).
Clip 1. Catherine Hill, Teresa Hill, Diana Hill, Roger Hill, Bette Hill.
Clip 2. Dawn Holley, Gene Hill, Alice Hill, Rory Fish, Vic Howard, Elizabeth Fish, Thomas Children, Tom Nixon (Emile), Pam Matfield (Nellie), Muriel Dryfoos.
Clip 3. Sibylle von Quernheim, John Thresher, Caroline Thresher, Anthony Thresher, Rosalyn Thresher, Sylvia Booth, Patrick Sullivan, Richard Hill, Judy Hill.
Clip 4. Mary Helen Montgomery, Bill Murray, Arianne Murray, Tom Webb, Bette Webb, Jane Shaw, Bob Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Christopher Shaw, Robbie Shaw, Joyce McDonnough, Charles Hennesy, Aileen McDonnough, Paul McDonnough, John McDonnough, Billy McDonnough, Burt Duaime.
Clip 5. Suzanne Shimpeler, Zeb Lancaster, Lisa Stocker, Catherine Capitaine, Phyllis Hailey, John Fenske, Wally Johnson, Doris Johnson, Joel Sweet, Kevin Sweet, Safi Mohamed.
Clip 6. Herb Dryfoos, Debbie Dell, Don Mandell, Melissa, Franlab Salesmen.
Clip 7. Helen Hays, Stan Hays, Julie Hill, Mike Hill, Jeff Hill, Craig Hill, James Hill, David Hays, Jennifer Hill, Mindy Hill, Howie Hass, Jay Ricketts, Kevin Sapin.
Clip 8. Sailing School crewmates, Mark Neptune, Gary Pincus, Susan Neptune, Blain Nelson, David Neptune, Cindy Nelson, Bruce Nelson, Nancy Nelson, Helen Neptune, Mary Johnson, Bruce Sagan, Robert Weinberg, Bonnie Blum, Margie Stoutt, Marianne Milligan, Sheryl Faulconer, Keith Faulconer.
Clip 9. Jessica Helen Neptune, Diane Neptune, Barbara Kunsman, A.J. Browde, Jon Browde.
Clip 1. June '67. Roger and family take their first trip to the continent.(8:08)
Clip 2. Aug '67 to June '68. Our life in Abingdon, England. Visits by the grandparents.(10:57)
Clip 3. June '68 to summer '69. We move to Geneva. Our life in Meyrin. Visits by Pat, Rich and Judy. (11:01)
Clip 4. Sep'69 to summer '72. We move to Paris. Our life in France. Blevy, summer trips to CA, Corfu, Italy, Algiers. (11:16)
Clip 5. Summer '72 to summer '74. Paris, Morocco, Blevy, Zeb, John, Phyllis, Catherine, Chill's HS graduation.(11:04)
Clip 6. Aug '74 to spring '76. US Winnebago trip, Wilmette, Blevy, Trip to Yugoslavia and Italy in the Alfa. (11:23)
Clip 7. Spring '76 to July '77. Blevy, London,Chicago, La Jolla, Arizona, Paris, Aspen, CA, Venice, Brittany. (12:30)
Clip 8. July '77 to June '79 . Pyrenees, New Mexico, Sierra Vista, Toulon, Blevy, Teresa and Mark's Wedding, Diana's HS Graduation. (12:25)
Clip 9. July '79 to Dec '80. Sailing in NM, Bard College, Jessica is born, Roger's tipi and garden on South Mountain, Jessica's first year (7:14)
Clip 10. Cast and credits.(2:01)
Christmases - Hill/Davies Families.
Christmas 1985 at Roger and Suzette's in Santa Fe. (2:36)
Christmas 1986 in Santa Fe. First Christmas at Vallecita Drive. (1:44)
Christmas 1992 at Teresa's in Albuquerque. (2:18)
Christmas 1994. Lil's First Christmas. Roger and Louise's, Santa Fe, NM.
        Lili and the paper. (3:38)     Decorating the tree. (4:55)
       Dinner. (6:39)     Presents. (7:00)     More presents. (7:37)
Christmas 1995. Roger and Louise's, Santa Fe, NM.
        Part 1. (8:05)     Part 2. (5:55)     Part 3. (6:57)
Christmas Eve 1996 at Rich and Judy's and Christmas Day at Chuck and Barbie's. (6:16)
"Christmas" 1996 at Roger and Louise's. (3:46)
"Christmas" 1998 in New Mexico. Sara's First Christmas.
        At Teresa's in Rio Rancho. (8:55)     At Roger and Louise's in Santa Fe. (5:20)
Christmas Eve Faralito Walk on Canyon Road, Santa Fe, 1999. (9:05)
Christmas Eve 2000 at Rich and Judy's. (3:48)
Amelia's 3rd birthday. In the Zome. 19 Apr 1987.
Amelia's 5th and Teresa's 31st birthdays celebrated 16 Apr 1989. Santa Fe, NM.
       Parts 1 (7:58) and 2 (8:38)    Marianne's Movie (8:12) and Part 3 (8:56)
       Jessica and Amelia: Outside Play(8:19) and Morning After (8:14)
      Teresa's Movies: 1 (3:35) and 2 (6:39)    3 (5:02) and 4 (6:24)
Alice's 90th birthday. 2 Apr 2002. San Bernardino, CA.
       Part 1. (8:30)    Part 2. (8:25)
Callie's first birthday. 17 Oct 2009. Santa Fe, New Mexico.
       Party and cake. (7:16)    All the pretty presents. (8:06)
Louise's 70th birthday party at Teresa's house. 5 Jul 2015. Santa Fe, NM.
       Video by Stephen Crawford(8:41)    Slide Show (6:01)
Family Gatherings.
Rolly and Dot Greek's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Chula Vista, CA. 30 Dec 1995.
        At the Church. (7:45)     Reception. (5:36)
Gene's funeral reception. Sierra Vista, AZ. 5 Oct 1996. (9:17)
Amelia (and Mike's) Graduation from Pitzer College. May 14, 2006 (23:29)
Amelia's Graduation Party - Rich and Judy's back yard. May 14, 2006 (9:32)
In Memoriam.
John Robert Hill (1940-2017).
     In Loving Memory (18:49)
James Allen Hill (1940-2021).
     In Loving Memory (16:44)