Part II of Waypoints.
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Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace-- (St Francis of Assisi)

I am trying to walk the path of my truth.
I am trying to write my truth.
I pray to be an instrument of
the Creator who is
Truth itself.

I am trying to walk the path of my love.
I am trying to write of my love.
I pray to be an instrument of
the Creator who is
Love itself.

I am trying to walk the path of my awareness.
I am trying to write with my awareness.
I pray to be an instrument of
the Creator who is
Awareness itself.

The Creator-
in bliss as
The One.

I pray to be an instrument
of unity,
        of bliss,
                 of The One.

The infinite is bliss-- (Chāndogya Upaniṣad)

South Fork, Colorado         
June 25, 2011


As above so below-- (The Emerald Tablet)

Once upon a time
there were two quantum states
|Alice> and |Bob>
born into a family
coaxed by coherence into sameness.
Entangled in oneness, so that
knowing one you knew them all.

But |Alice> and |Bob> were twins
born with instructions to conserve a zero
so that if |Alice> was made to spin one way,
|Bob> would spin in the opposite way.
And vice versa.
            Coherent and

The physicists that played with |Alice>'s spin
observed to their surprise and chagrin
that |Bob>'s spin instantly became opposite
no matter how far away he was from his twin-
maybe, even, on the other side of the galaxy.
By the laws of special relativity,
this is impossible - it just should not be.
It seems these playful people have uncovered a
quantum mystery.

You see, in our world of ordinary matter and energy
nothing can move faster than the speed of light
not even information.
A solution to this mystery might be that
|Alice> and |Bob> exist not only in our world,
but are also somehow present
in a virtual world
where information can travel at a
speed of infinity.

There is such a world in the basement of our spacetime:
The rabbit hole of the vacuum, the world of zeroes,
the world of unity, where there is
no causality.

The playful people have seen that as either of the twins
get more involved with our ordinary world
(and less with the virtual world?)
they lose track of each other: they decohere.
They become free from their obligation to unity
and become completely
             Unentangled and

Isn't physics fun?

South Fork, Colorado
June 17, 2011


Son of the wind, destroyer of demons, I bow to you-- (Krishna Das)

The music filling the room
is the Hanuman Chalisa
written in praise of me,
sung by a man who
loves me.

I am kissed by the perfume of incense.
A candle flickers beside me.

There is a man in the room with me.
A moment ago he was prostrate on the floor,
exercising before a small bronze statue of me,
the monkey god of service and devotion to RAM,
warrior in the cause of Love.
There is love in the
man's heart.

I live.

It is a beautiful symbiosis.
Matter and Spirit,
Spirit and Matter.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
June 2, 2011


The keys are sticking on my old piano
and the pedals are broke.
It's time to close the lid
and let it rest.

I hope when you think of that dear instrument
you will always remember the
sweet sounds that it made,
and the joy that it gave me to bring
music to my children and
all whom I love.

When you think of me I hope you
will always remember the music
and this passionate wish that your lives
will be filled with laughter
and dancing
and love.

It's possible, you know,
that wherever I go,
your loving thoughts
will bring music
to my soul.

For Kermit.

Santa Fe, new Mexico
May 22, 2011


I live!
Creation is not a dream!
It is real because I am alive!

I dance in freedom along my path in space and time
balancing the oneness of my soul with the
dualities of my mind.

My mind studies
the ways of the Mother, Pachamama,
from the Cosmos to the living beings that surround me.
She teaches me lessons of oneness, connection and harmony.

As I pass through the world of the Mother and glimpse the
oneness of life, my soul whispers a mantra to my mind
"Be aware. Be grateful.
    Be aware. Be grateful."
And I find the gratitude expanding
the openings in my heart
through which my soul
guides my

I exist as a tiny single cell
linked into the great network that is
the body of mankind.
My heart is the membrane that protects and defines this cell
just as my physical being is protected and defined
by the membrane of my mind
and my body protected and defined
by the membrane of my skin.
My tiny mind is linked into the network of the noösphere,
the great membrane that is forming to
define and protect all
of mankind

The channels in the membrane of my heart connect my life to the
world of Spirit, of Oneness, to the world of my soul.
Through the openings in my heart I am connected in love and
awareness to the Creator and all other beings living or dead
whose hearts are open to connection with me.
These connections are treasures laid up in Heaven.
They are my immortal soul and
the purpose of my life,

As the brain evolved in the garden of the Mother
into ever greater levels of complexity and connection,
a critical state was reached, a new level of existence,
self-awareness, emerged in the biosphere.
The body of mankind was born.

The noösphere is the brain in the body of mankind.
And it too is now evolving in the garden of the Mother.
Past is prologue. The direction is clear.
The emergence of a new level of awareness for all of humanity,
global consciousness, the awareness of our unity
with each other and the Mother,
is the destination here.

The health of the noösphere reflects the health of the nodes in
in the network from which it emerges.
And vice versa.
Everyday I rejoice in the freedom to choose to make my little node
as healthy as I can, choosing to infuse all of my connections
with the healing power
of love.
Everyday I take joy in acting to keep the tiny piece of the garden
around me a place of peace and beauty,
blessed by Pachamama and reflecting
the promise of Easter,
the presence of
The Dove.

But the horrors of Good Friday cannot be forgotten.
There are tumors of hell in the body of mankind
created there by people who have chosen
to keep their hearts closed and
so have no soul to help guide
their selfish and divided minds.
My open heart is an organ of compassion, an organ
of mirror-neurons that can ache with the suffering of others.
Compassion energizes the linking of my mind to the noösphere,
nourishing its evolution, hastening the emergence of
healing connection to those isolated inside the tumors of hell.
My compassion is compounded by frustration because I know that if
the people without souls, these demons who create the tumors of
hell, would simply choose to open their hearts and their eyes
to the presence of the Dove,
all of this suffering could
dissolve into Love.

In the immune system of the body of mankind,
Love is the antibody that heals
the cancer of separation,
the tumors of hell.

The openings in the membrane of my skin
connect my mind with the world of the senses.
Sadhus and saints and ascetics through the ages have preached
that the straightest path to the realization of The One
passes through the renunciation of the senses
and the mortification of the flesh.
That is no doubt the path of the great ones
whose purity of thought is above reproach,
worthy of all reverence and respect.
But that is not the path I chose.
I have chosen to be a husband, householder and father,
a path that keeps me firmly grounded in flesh.

I stand before you in the skin of everyman
all senses and appetites intact.
My feet are stained from dancing in the clay
in the garden of the Mother.
My senses take pleasure from Pachamama's bounty and
delight in the beauty of all of her children.
When my mind hears the ascetic's rebuke and questions
my enjoyment of life, my soul answers:
"Just do no harm.
Everyman's path can lead to The One."

So, everyday I pray for my daily bread,
to be delivered from evil,
to be made an instrument of peace,
for the Creator's will to be done.
And everyday, my soul answers,
"Be aware.
     Be grateful.
       Do no harm."
And it tells me that the Creator's will
for Everyman
is that we choose to
Love One Another.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
May 17, 2011


Jesus lives!
The Son has risen!
Heaven exists for the people of the earth!

Hell is a world of the mind
- a world of dualities    
where Satan is free to roam.

Heaven is the world of the soul
- the world of Oneness    
where Satan cannot go.

The Father           
       The Son
and the Holy Spirit.

and Ananda.

The Condor           
       the Eagle
and the Dove.

The Infinite       
        the Finite
co-inhereing in the Oneness that is Love.

Today we can go beyond identifying our suffering
with the image of the tortured Corpse
nailed to the tree of duality
planted in the soil of

Today we can turn toward the Oneness of Heaven
and identify our souls with the image of the Dove
 - the symbol of the Comforter promised to   
   all mankind by the Man on the cross
 - the symbol of the Holy Spirit
- the symbol of the Love
that makes us One
and that lights
our way

Love is the only way out of hell.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Easter Sunday
April 24, 2011


I live in hell -a world where there are
 parents who rape and kill their own children,
men who throw acid in the faces of
little girls that want to go to school,
people who shout "God is Great"
while murdering other people praying
in their churches and mosques
to the only God
there is.

I live in hell- a world where
one group of people
feels entitled to enslave another,
where governments murder or imprison their
own people to protect the power and wealth of the mighty,
or where the powerful feel free to exploit and
then abandon to poverty and misery
the most vulnerable of our

I live in a world that tortured and murdered
the man from Galilee who long ago preached
that the kingdom of God is within every person
and that God's will, the only law there is,
is to Love your Self and to
Love One Another.

In this hell even the followers of the Galilean
have burned alive those who wanted
to read the Gospels in their own language,
or tortured to death those who value reason
above the arbitrary dogmas of the follower's faith,
or blessed the wars that have destroyed cultures
and sickened humanity's soul.

Today my heart is drowning in tears,
squeezed in an icy grip of anxiety.
I have been writing for months of another world
where the will of the Creator is realized
and the people in this world love one another.
Am I going mad?

I have been trying to guide the little boat
of my own world with love and awareness
but today the ocean seems so
wild, vast and

Is my death the only way out of hell?

South Fork, Colorado
Good Friday
April 22, 2011


Riding wind and laughing at the moon-- (Krishna Das)

A frigate bird glides lazily
above the palm fronds
framing my view of the sky.

The fresh ocean breezes of Mexico
kiss my skin with warmth
and delicate moisture.

My lovely wife
sits happily reading
by the blue pool.

My thoughts turn to my children
and I feel nothing but

In my ears are the music
of my guru's chants-
the holy name of

My soul floats on folded wings
above the tumult of my mind
in the space between
time and eternity.

Everywhere I look I see only RAM-- (Neem Karoli Baba)

Puerto Vallarta
March 17, 2011


There is a beautiful
sight in the sky tonight.
Orion shines down on me.

Once Orion reminded me
of my first love,
and the clear November nights
of our courtship.

Once Orion reminded me
of winter
and the time to
gather wood.

Tonight Orion is just another
beautiful sight in the sky.
Jupiter is chasing Mars along
the highway of the Sun.
While the moon casts the
shadow of Mars onto
Orion's belt.

When I look at the stars in the belt
I imagine seeing the trinity of
hurtling through time
to rescue the earth
on the wings of
The Dove.

Puerto Vallarta
March 14, 2011


Four open hearts
had a meal together last night.
While winter winds blew through the world outside
we feasted and warmed ourselves with
laughter and the sharing of our stories.

We talked long into the night
of the love in our hearts
and our hopes for the
world outside.

Our parting embraces were strong with
gratitude for the connections that
nourish awareness and love.

Going to sleep, the house was filled with
the delicious smells of the spices of our feast.
The warm body of my wife against my skin
caressed the opening in my heart through the night.

When I awoke there was
incense on my breath.

South Fork, Colorado
February 26, 2011


They tell me that it looks like you may have given up on life.
Life is a great gift if you learn to look at it that way.
If your goal is truly death, then life has given you the gift
of time to prepare for a happy death.

What is a happy death?
I think it's when:
You can leave in peace with no regrets
and leave peace behind you;
When you can leave surrounded by love
and leave love behind you.
That is a happy death-
entering all that is Love,
being in love.

In this life it may be that
you are who you think you are.
In the next it may be that
you are who you love.

So the last thing in this world
you want to do right now is to
lose the love of anyone,
especially the woman who has so
lovingly agreed to share your life.

The first thing in this world
you want to do right now is to
Wake Up, my brother!
 Find the light within you.


South Fork, Colorado
February 25, 2011


Your beauty makes my heart leap.
Your words make my heart dance.

Long ago in his perfumed garden
The Omram told me that the fire in my leap
Is the fire in the engines of my life.
But to remember that the engine room is blind -
The ship needs a helmsman to keep it safe.

His words are wise.
The fire burns.
The ship sails on.

Long miles at sea have taught me
That the only helmsman
Who can bring me safely to You is

The fire in the leap
And the fire in the dance
Are one

Don't be alarmed at the leap.
That's just the kind of heart I have
A heart that leaps
A heart that dances

Santa Fe, New Mexico
February 18, 2011


 Sometimes you have to swim
Through a sea of sorrow
To find the light within you.
The pure light of the One who
will guide your way on.

The One in whom we all
coexist in love.
The home where all
love surrounds you.

You will all be home
When you all
turn toward the light within you and
 Love One Another.
For the light and your home are Love.

It's as simple as that.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
February 16, 2011
(Thank you, Snatam Kaur.)


May we always enjoy the experience of eating food
prepared by someone who loves us.
May we always experience the joy of preparing food
for someone we love.

May we always experience the joy of
being in the presence of someone who loves us.
May we always experience the joy of
being in the presence of someone we love.

May we always be aware that we are
living in the presence of The One,
the Creator of all that exists,
The One who nourishes all life,
The One who is
Awareness itself.

May we always choose to
Love one another
so the energy of The One can help us
make a better world.
For The One is
Love itself.

If we doubt that The One helps and guides
those who love one another,
may we at least choose to love our Self.

May we love our Self so we can
experience the presence and the
Love of The One within.
And may the Truth of that experience
be reflected in our own lives.

May every human being learn how to live
in the presence of The One -
who is Awareness, Truth and the
Love that makes us One.

Joy To The World.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 9, 2010


Let us give thanks to __________*
for life and the bounty of the Earth.

May these gifts nourish our bodies.

May this gathering nourish our souls.

May our souls nourish the Earth.

We pray for this in the name of
Awareness, of Truth and of the Love
that makes us One.


(Some suggestions)
the Universe
The One
the Creator
the Lord
the Mother, Pachamama,
Maa Durga
our Ancestors

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 9, 2010


Love One Another.
And one day waves of trust
will surge through the noösphere
that will sweep away all weapons of mass destruction.

Love One Another.
And one day waves of understanding
will surge through the noösphere:
-that a bond for building unity among mankind is that
we all love our children;
-that every child born on the earth has rights to protection, nourishment, medical care, a healthy environment, literacy and access to the noösphere.

Love One Another.
And one day waves of compassion
will surge through the noösphere
that will lead mankind to work together to make those rights a reality for all.

Love One Another.
And one day waves of wisdom
will surge through the noösphere
allowing mankind to find ways to share the resources needed for this work without conflict and without damaging the earth.

Love One Another.
And one day waves of activity and enterprise
will surge through the noösphere
that can use the talents and energy of every human being to help bring about and sustain this better world.
Every life will be recognized as precious.
All will prosper.

Love One Another.
And we will bring about the reign of the Spirit on earth.
That, or the caves.
It's our choice.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 18, 2009


The only prayer in response to Grace is

Grace is the vision to see the Creator
everywhere and in everything.
This vision is the greatest of all gifts.
but it is not something you can be given
--like manna.
It requires our cooperation.
We have to open our heart to Grace.

Grace is an aspect of the Creator
experiencing the Creator.

When we all have the Grace to see that
we are all aspects of the Creator -
that we all emerge into this world
from the dimensionless ocean of
Love and Awareness,
the Kingdom of the Creator
will have arrived on the earth.

In the meantime,
remember Karma.

Puerto Vallarta
March 18, 2008


A Personal Legend

I am an aspect of the Creator.
To walk righteous on my Path I reflect the
beauty and compassion of the Mother
and the wisdom and mercy of the Father.

I tread lightly on the earth.
I honor and respect the body I have been given
and treat it with love.

My Path leads to Awareness -
the male aspect of Love.
The fire that powers my steps
along the path is Love -
the female aspect of Awareness.

I exist to bring Awareness and Love -
the Father and the Mother as The One-
to all situations.

It is not my purpose
to convince you that we are
all aspects of the Creator.
That is what we all know.

It is sufficient that I
walk righteous on my Path.

Puerto Vallarta
March 16, 2008


Beautiful young woman
with jewel eyes and soft smile
you will fire my dreams
with warm kisses and the
heat of our embrace.

In the light of the day we pass
stunned by your beauty
surprised at the peaceful acceptance
that never again will I know
the excitement of discovering your body
of igniting your passion.

You smile at the old man.
Maybe you know that
his heart leaps at the sight of you
that he could wrap you in his
wisdom and his wealth
and sweeten your life with
slow and powerful pleasures.

But he will not fill your womb with children
There is no future for you here.
So you see only that he has no hair
that his skin is weathered and wrinkled
and you pass him by.

The woman at my side gently
takes my hand and I know that
the joy in my heart that leaps was
put there by the love that we share.
The peace I feel as you pass me by
comes from knowing that she will be
by my side for the rest of our days.

There is grey in her hair
and her body, like mine,
bears the burden of years.
But I see in her all the beauty
you will ever have.
Her delicate goodness brings forth
prayers of gratitude from deep within
my soul.

Her fingers touch the ring that she gave me
as a promise so many years ago.
My love for her began with the touch of her hand.
My nights are sweetened by the touch of her hand.
The ring will shine with the purity of love
until, moistened with her tears, she gently removes it
from my lifeless hand.

So with peace in my heart as I pass you by
I smile and send a silent wish that you
will know happiness like mine.
Adeus, young beauty,

For Louise.

July 5, 2007


It's not the thing,
It's the experiencing of the thing
that matters.

We (all living beings) are channels
of experience emerging from the ocean of
collective experience.
Without any effort, we are constantly
directing experience downward into that ocean.

Our state of evolution reflects and depends
on our ability to channel experience
upward from that ocean into
our interactions with each other and with nature.
The latter requires effort -
it is the great work
of which we are all a part.
Today I put a blue stone around my neck
to remind me of the ocean from which we come
and of the work yet to be done.

Puerto Vallarta
March 10, 2007


The orange sun rising through the mist
over the bay of Nice- the Cote d'Azur.
Paris hidden in a soggy grey blanket
of pounding rain.
A silken thread high above a wind
sculpted world of cloudy purity and
the textured surface of the mighty ocean.
Ice flows and bergs migrating southward
to subtle extinction.

Over the North Atlantic
Good Friday
April 1, 1983


Human blood has been spilled on
the mountain once again.
The cold hand of death
clutching the carmine snow.
Sunshine shivers,
the raven shadows the
sadness below.

Geneva, Switzerland
March, 1983


He stood nose against the glass
Staring in the dark at "la vie en face"
Smelling the dust in the curtains
Thinking of sunshine.

Dark icy death whispering beneath the bridge,
He longed to hear a lover's sigh.

Geneva, Switzerland
February, 1983



* Microprocessor Based Photovoltaic Energy Management Systems
* Synthesis (through poetry?)
*Poetry (through synthesis?)
*Be at home with the Lady of the Mountain
*Let go.


*Creation of work, wealth, community
*Self awareness, growth
*Home, love, loving, intimacy

Geneva, Switzerland
February, 1983


The hunter in the cyclotron's mazes
caught in the trap of the hunt
quickens his pace
sensing the kill.

February, 1983


Like water washing over a stone
Feelings and emotions wash over my Self.

Today, anger swirled over me
Old angers - bubbling their way from
deep in my past.

The other day, fear shivered over me
Old fears- gurgling up from
deep in my dreams.

Tomorrow, they will be whispering
their way to the sea.

Geneva, Switzerland
February, 1983


I am a little bubble of I-ness
in a sea of Thou-ness
A bubble of darkness in an ocean
of lightness.
A single living cell with a membrane
Separating I-ness and Thou-ness.

There are irises in the
eyes of my membrane.

South Mountain, New mexico
December, 1982


Here in the lonely spaces
is where I come into being-
slowly, painfully, joyfully.

Wings wet and limp
dry in New Mexico sun.

Chrysalis is a very
private matter.

South Mountain, New Mexico


The drama of most of my life
has been the sound and fury
of my (instinctive) trust in Awareness
battling my distrust of instinct.

This meaningless game is
for me, I hope, finished

South Mountain, New Mexico


A small cardbord box of candy hearts
Pull one out. See what it says.
A white "Bye Bye",
No. Not that one.
A carmen "Kiss Me",
Keep going.
A yellow "Drop It",
Again, try for another.
A small rose heart sings "Sure Love".
Yes . That's the one.

Come on, friend. Put your hand in here.
Pull one out.
See what it says.

February 14, 1974


Lying in the lair of the falcon
the hunter dreamt of the eagle.

The little bird stirred in her sleep
and he awakened to her presence.
The torn heart stirred in his breast
as he soothed her brave and beautiful
body with light and grateful touch.
The memory of their wounding
was upon them both
yet both strained eager
for the coming hunt.

He had no need of eagles.
The land where eagles dwell
is too barren to hunt.
And the eagle flies
only for himself.

January 13, 1974


A king's voice
searching heaven's heights
breaking back
to the isle
glowing green
against the dark
rolling sea.

Startled, the humans below
for the first time feel
bound into one thought
one mind and folk.
Hearing for the first time
all as one but alone
the voice of the one
they call the king.

The voice spoke
only with the sounds of common earth
and echoed not giant's talk
or dragon's fiery roar.
The people of the island
wondered at the weakness,
searching new strength.

The singing sword sighs into rust
on the cold castle floor.

January 10, 1974


Xantha blowing curls
gleaming in the dim light of the moon.
Xantha stalks the streets
of the ancient city
seeking her way.
Her feet still recall the hot
sucking sands of the new world
where the sun sparkled Xantha on the sea.
Her loins feel still
the throbbing rythm of raw drums
and frenzied hands
while a hot Xantha sun
rose high in a cloudless sky.

January 10, 1974


Short Story

Full Fuck
Feel      Fuck
Fall          Fuck
Fool              Fuck
No!                Yes!
Fell                Fuck
Felt               Fuck
Filling       Fuck
Fine  Fuck

January 9, 1974


Silken skin,
Dancing eyes,
Budding breast,
Small body,
Happy laugh,

Your smile is my command.

January 8, 1974


The hunter hunts
A tree grows tall in Paris
A white thread melts in the sky.

A small wounded falcon
preens gently her bright coat
resting on the strong green arms.

The tree sighs with joy
the hunter holds his breath
the thread spins into thin clouds.

January 7, 1974


Sister to my life,
can you think of the pain
you bring to my life?
Can your heart be so hard
standing before the doors of your soul - on guard,
to not let pass a single thought
of the passage of your brother's soul?

If your heart could yield,
could your soul bear the sound of my screams?
Your soul is lighter and gayer than mine,
that shivers in horror
at even the memory
of your tear's gentle streams.

Can you think of the pain?

In a few days of quick, dizzy, dancing time
two children of my soul
will leave the warmth of our bonds
and the home made and warmed by those bonds
to live in an estranger's house.

For the fourth petrified time,
they will leave the intimacy of my embrace
while my soul helplessly watches
the vision and incense of their presence
become lost in the milling mass of strangers.

For the fourth petrifying time
their gentle lives will be wrapped in fragile metal
and they will be cast into the sky
to fly away from me
faster than the winds, high above the hills.

For the fourth terrible time
my soul will stagger
with the tearing, sickening grief
that is expected and accepted
and that never weakens.

Can I bear the pain?

You cannot think of it.
Your need has caused it to be so.

December 27, 1973


I am a hunter,
not a gatherer
or tender of fires and shelter,
but a hunter.

And my home
is the home of a hunter.
It should be light
air-like and filled with the
excitement of the hunt.

The people who live in that home
should feel pride
that they live and love
with a hunter.

A man who takes risks
to master his grounds,
to make the fearful
- a provider of food,
to find the way to new grounds
when his people have need.

The hunter is special
to his people
because he is willing to take risks.
His strength is visible
to his people
by the dangers he faces and overcomes
and their vision is proud.

Some years ago
I stopped being a hunter
and became a gatherer -
to gather green grain for a distant day
when I feared my strength would be low
and my people's need would be great.

But I forgot my people
were a hunter's people
they cannot be at peace
with the mind of a gatherer.

After he hunts again
the hunter will come home.

December 26, 1973