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Why have I undertaken the formidable task of developing this website?

Part of the answer is in the family history portrayed in the "Scrapbook". I am now the oldest member of both my mother and father's side's of the family. And I feel a responsibility for preserving for the benefit of the younger members of the family some of the stories and images of our family as they have been passed along to me. I hope they will enjoy learning more about the lives of their ancestors and relatives.

This page had not evolved in the last 5 years or so because of the priority I have given to my writings. However, I found myself thinking about what I had left undone during my 11 days with a failing heart. (See Bonus Time). So I am returning to this project to honor my ancestors and try to hand down the legacy of photos and information that the previous generation has left in my hands. Publishing the scrapbook of my own life is a long-term ongoing project. After I have taken care of my ancestors I will return to that project as time permits.

If any family members would like high resolution (600 dpi) full size copies of any of the images in the scrapbook, just let me know and I will send them to you.

Santa Fe, NM
January 19, 2015

Part of the legacy of information I am trying to preserve are home movie clips (mostly from my father) and a series of videos taken at various family gatherings and occassions. I have therefore extended the scrapbook to include a few relevant videos. I have also included access to all the videos in an indexed vault which you can view by clicking the "Video Vault" button below. I will continue to add videos to the vault as time permits.

Santa Fe, NM
December 12, 2015

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