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In mid-November, 2016, I developed a nerve palsy that shut down the vision in my left eye. The cause of such a palsy is unknown: it could be a viral infection, or it could be stress. Considering my reaction to the events of November, I believe that stress is the most likely explanation. The poet in me searches for metaphor and meaning.

My 1/2 vision has turned into double vision. I've been wobbling around with almost no depth-perception. But now, thanks to Dr Zhao's needles, my vision is slowly returning to unity and I am experiencing renewed clarity and energy. In poetic terms I think of my double vision as like having one eye seeing the world through the eyes of a Guru I call Ram Sat while the other eye sees the world through Roger's eyes.

As I am recovering toward clarity and unity I think my bout of double vision has been a wake-up call. As my energy rebounds I am experiencing a determination to write about what I see with the unified vision of the Spirit and the Scientist. Most of this vision has been developed in the pages of a Journal I have been keeping for many years now. I had assumed that this would only be read posthumously.

But, as the world (at least American politics) seems to be turning away from science and rationality, this is not a time for timidity. I have therefore decided to start publishing excerpts from my Journal. I hope this will make a small contribution to the struggle during these dark days to keep alive the values of love and reason.

Santa Fe, NM
January 16, 2017

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