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This is a very personal page. It contains writings that have sprung more from my heart than anything else on this website. They start with the most recent and extend back in time. They are like messages from my past that serve as waypoints marking some of my wanderings. I have been many men during the time spanned by these writings, but I see there is a thread, a path, an underlying self.

I hesitate to call these writings poems since, even though I enjoy poetry, I have never done the work to learn the poet's craft. The best description is probably the French phrase "quelque paroles bonnes". Just some good words.


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From the krystal sands I watched the watery road waving between me
And the sun as it was lit and painted with the colors of my life.
The silvery striving of youth for success and wealth
Brightening into the blue of wisdom and clarity
Watching the ruddy colors of pain and loss
Turn the road into the purple of
My old age.

As the sun sinks closer to the horizon my watery road becomes a blaze of gold.
And I see myself as a fifteen year old boy out there in the distance
Dancing, cartwheeling, jumping and spinning in the shear
Joy of being alive in the glory and beauty of the
Golden road.

From the shimmering sands at my feet to the horizon there is only beauty.
My heart lifts with joy and I will send love to that boy dancing
On the golden road until the sun sinks below his horizon
And my vision disappears into the
Deep waters.

But the golden road itself goes on as long as the sun continues to shine.
When you see it shimmering in the sands beneath your feet look out
To your horizon and you may see a child dancing in the distance.
It could be me. It could be you. For, on the road lit by the
Colors of love, we and the joy of the
Spirit are One.

Hotel Krystal
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
March 7, 2017


In the frailty of the nights of my old age I feel sad to be separated from all
The generations of my children in this season of love and togetherness.

In the wisdom of the days of my old age I know that I am connected to them by
Love and that the love between open hearts prevails over all the distances,
Even oceans, that separate us.

In the glory of the Light Within I also know that Love prevails over time,
Even over death, for the now of love exists within that timeless place
Wherein the Spirit lives, where all the past and future of our
Loves converge in connectedness.

In the now of my love it is not Jesus but the pain and paralysis
Of my flesh that sinks beneath my wisdom like a stone.
In the now of my love, the Angel who shares my life
Is lighting a candle with a lovely light beside my bed,
The music of sweet sister, Snatam, plays beneath the light.
Casa Colombe is filled with the peace of the love between us.
And everywhere I look is beauty; the tree is brightly lit and
Decorated with playful memories, while the forest around us is
Resplendent with a glistening dusting of welcome whiteness.
Our larder and our hearts are full as we prepare to celebrate
The birth of Love into the flesh of humanity.

Three months after his birth, I lay next to the newest child of
My great and grand parentage and looking into his smiling eyes
Sang to him Snatam's beautiful blessing that is my wish for all
Of my children and all of the open hearts connected to me
In the now of our love.

May the long time sun shine upon you
May all love surround you
May the pure light within you
guide your way on
guide your way


Casa Colombe
Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 21, 2016


The youth stood shaking in fear and grief amid the ruins of his mountain village
The earth had shuddered and the buildings had tumbled into rubble.
Weeping, he shouted for all to hear
"I hate God."

An old man, once his teacher, came to him, put his arm around his shoulders and said
This is not an Act of God, my son. Our suffering has been brought about
By the Laws of Physics- the same laws that create the magnetic
Fields that protect all life on earth from the searing solar winds.
Do you expect the finely tuned laws of the material Cosmos
To be altered by spiritual forces?
"Then, where is God?" asked
The youth.

The old man pointed to the people risking their lives and digging at the
Rubble with bare bleeding hands trying to save the lives of their neighbors and to the
Medics working without sleep or comfort to bind the wounds and ease the pain of
Suffering family and friends while the priests walked among them mourning their dead
While aid and compassion from all over the world was descending on his village.

The old man's open heart beat in coherence with open hearts all over the world tuned to this tragedy.
Such hearts are nodes in the crystal network of human consciousness that amplifies openness to the Spirit.
In laboratories and schools all over the world people were struggling with complicated data trying to
Learn what caused the earth to shake and the buildings to fall hoping to be able to predict and protect.
In hospitals and agencies all over the world the merciful who know no borders were organizing aid and relief.
In homes all over the world the compassionate who know no walls were donating the resources for rescue.
The compassion; the desire to learn; the drive to protect, comfort and heal; the courage to risk; love itself
These are Acts of God - the Spirit who is Love.

In the coherence of the crystal and the co-inherence of the Spirit
The old man was filled with power, hope and love.
The youth heard him murmur "God is real"
As they knelt together in the rubble
Listening for signs of Life.


South Fork, Colorado
October 17, 2016


The old man cradled the baby's tiny head in the palm of his hand
Her back resting against the trunk of his forearm
In the calm and quiet of the moment, they looked into each other's eyes
He began to softly sing a few verses of the chalisa and lightly laid his hand
On her chest over the new heart growing and beating within and said:

You will be an instrument of His peace.
Where there is hatred you will bring love.
Where there is injury you will bring pardon.
Where there is doubt you will bring faith.
Where there is despair you will bring hope.
Where there is darkness you will bring light.
Where there is sadness you will bring joy.
You will console.
You will understand.
You will love.
You will live forever.
I will love you forever.

The old man wondered at this.
He had intended to offer a blessing and a prayer
But Francis' words had flowed from him with prophetic certainty.
He knew he would always find light in the memory of her infant
Indigo eyes shining on him from her perfect little face.
And his heart was filled with joy and hope.

(Photos: courtesy of Amelia Neptune.)
Washington, DC
September 14, 2016


In the sanctuary of solitude I listen
For the voice of the Spirit.
And I hear songs of love
Written in the rhythm of reason.

When I open the black window hanging on my wall I see
The world outside through the eyes of the media.
And I hear the Spirit weeping with Compassion
For all the suffering children staring into
The cameras in confusion and grief.

The Spirit weeps out of sorrow and frustration.
And screams "It doesn't have to be this way!"
The way out of this hell is simply Love
Because hell is where God is not
And God is Love.

The Spirit has been whispering, shouting, singing this
Simple truth into mankind's heart from the beginning of history.
The sages of the steppes that gave birth to Indo-European civilization
Wrote in the Upanishads that Brahman the Creator was Love.
Jesus of Nazareth's life was a manifestation of that truth
And inscribed on the rock of His Church are the
Words of Peter and Aquinas that "God is Love".
Rumi and Hafez knew, danced and sang to
Allah as the Beloved.

The disciples of hatred who have closed their heart to the truth of Love
Are free to do so because the essence of Love is freedom.
These creators of hell on earth choose to constrain others
And only achieve to be constrained in turn.
Violence will always beget violence.
The way of Love leads through compassion
To the growth of Awareness and the
Intelligence of cooperation.

The Creator Spirit imbues all living things with awareness that is the essence of life.
And imbues evolution with the hunger to grow and increase awareness through
The feedback mechanisms of the intelligent brain and the networking of individuals.
On Earth, Spirit inspired evolution has brought forth humans: self-aware beings
With the capacity to Love and whose Consciousness is still evolving.
Those who have hardened their hearts to the way of cooperation
Are resisting the forces of evolution that have created them
And are denying themselves the presence and power of the
Spirit that Created and sustains all life in the Cosmos.
Only open and loving hearts can ever hear the
Beautiful songs of Paradise that are only
Sung by the Voice of the Spirit -
The God who is Love.


South Fork, Colorado
May 15 - September 27, 2016

AT 80

The long time sun shines on Casa Colombe
On a west-facing slope of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of New Mexico.
The light shines through cool crystal clear air filtered by the mountain's forests.
The trees and hills shield me from the sounds and the lights of Santa Fe.
I can hear the wind waving the branches of the Ponderosa in the yard.
The light from our Galaxy blazes across the black skies of night.
The life in the soil of the garden sleeps under snow waiting
for the warmth of spring and the tilling of my hands to
Explode with food and flowers for the
Bountiful tables of
Casa Colombe.

My body knows well the pains and dysfunctions from growing old
And it is a chip in my chest that keeps my heart beating and the life flowing.
But my ego that images and strives still feels and values the vigor that remains.
The light within guides my scientific mind to the horizons that limit the local reality
Of the observable universe and shield our instruments from the non-local reality of
Singularity, entanglement and the un-collapsed wave functions of Hilbert space.
Just as my spirit is guided to the horizons of the womb and the grave
That shield our local consciousness from the non-local reality of
Universal consciousness - the realm of
The Creator.

I am blessed to share my life in Casa Colombe with the woman I call My Angel.
Our Casa is filled with peace and beauty and the music of the spirit.
The walls and halls of the Casa are filled with the art and memories
Of family and friends as my heart is filled by the presence of their love.
The love between my angel and me blesses our days with the quiet strength
Of togetherness and our nights with the warm comfort of intimacy.
I am truly blessed among men to live in Casa Colombe where
All love surrounds me.

In a few days time it will be the anniversary of the beginning of my life
I will experience the overwhelming joy of holding my children in my arms
Of being with so many loved ones and looking back to the loving people
Who gave me life, nurtured me in childhood and walked with me on my path.
I want to celebrate all their lives and let them know with
These words how grateful and happy I am
At 80.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
February 9, 2016


The tiny cell floating in the ancient ocean became aware of new dangers
And it hungered to live.
Its mem"brain" changed the chemicals of legacy and cloning contained within it
And epigenetics was born
At the dawn of evolution - billions of years ago.

The tiny microbe floating in the ancient ocean became aware of the others
And hungered for their contact.
The hungry microbes sent signaling ions from their mem"brains"
And the chemical conversation of the colony was born:
A giant leap of evolution - billions of years ago.

The microbes became aware of the sunlight
And hungered for its energy.
The mem"brains" built and pushed paddles to feed from the light.
And photosynthesis was born:
A giant leap of evolution - billions of years ago.

The mem"brains" became aware of their limits
And they hungered for awareness.
They cooperated in their joining and cloning and awareness.
And multi-cellular life was born:
A giant leap of evolution - billions of years ago.

Humans shivering and burning with climate change looked to new lands
And they hungered to explore.
Light in body, large in brain, they ran toward the frontiers.
And Homo sapiens sapiens was born:
A giant leap of evolution - tens of thousands of years ago.

When the running stopped and humans were home they became aware of love
And their hearts hungered with love.
They wrapped their children in the protective arms of love
And art and instruction and civilization was born:
A giant leap of evolution - thousands of years ago.

Today, I am a tiny cell of awareness floating among the dangers in humanity's cyber-ocean
And the tiny I aches with the all the hungers of evolution.
My heart knows these hungers are the presence of the Creator in the living world just like
The laws of physics are the presence of the Creator in the material world.
And my heart beats with the hope that just beyond the horizon
A giant leap of evolution - is soon coming upon us.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
January, 2016


Outside my window autumn sunshine reflects the gold green splendor of the Bosque
That grows on the banks of the Rio Grande where it spills out of the mountains
Onto the fertile plain of the San Luis Valley of Southern Colorado.
The Bosque and I live where the river leaves the wilderness
Of its birth and starts to weave its way through
The hungry farms that will suck at its body
As it winds to its ending
In ocean waters.

For years the warming skies of drought have sucked away at the
Mountain snows that nourish the infant river with milky melt.
The river and all its Bosques and all the land it waters
Have weakened and its people are worried.

But now El Niño stirs and strengthens in the vastness of the Pacific flaying the
Winds and flinging them to new destinations across the winter lands.
If he turns his face to the Rio Grande, he will fill the clouds over our
Mountains with ocean waters and the winds will pull south the
The frigid airs of the north and the San Juans and the
Southern Rockies will greet this winter's sun
With the gleaming white albedo
Of healing snow.

If El Niño weakens or turns his face away from our mountains, we will see
Drought and floods and distress throughout all the Bosques.
If El Niño embraces us, the Rio Grande will be fed and
Fattened and life will thrive in its valleys and
Hope will return to all who live in
The Bosque.

October 2, 2015


Seventy years ago your tiny hand clutched the fingers
of the loving people that brought you to life
And your soul connections began in the
Giggling, cooing, mewlings
Of milky infancy.

As the nurturing years passed your soul grew
With the touch of family and friends
As the music flowed from your fingers
Through the breath of your flute.

In the flowering of womanhood your hands grew to know
The touches of love and the struggles of work.
Your soul grew with the connections
Of lovers and partners and people
In faraway places.

Many years ago, after a night of music under the stars of Santa Fe,
You reached out for my hand and with that touch
Began the soul connection that became
The dance of our life together
And the salvation of
Our love.

Decades have passed and your hands grow strong with the weavings
Of fabric and life in the fullness of womanhood.
And our souls have grown together as our
Hands have aged and our
Love has grown.

Tonight is another night of music under the stars of Santa Fe
And I am so grateful to still feel in my hand
The anchor of my heart -
The touch of your hand.

My Angel

For Louise
Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 6, 2015


No resistance! I read those words of advice long ago.
I wasn’t too sure what that meant back then.
Now I’m beginning to understand.
If I become open to inspiration
And surrender to the idea
Of being guided,
What can happen?

The ocean breezes cool my naked skin as I lie open to
The long time sun shining in the clear blue sky.
Palm fronds are dancing overhead in air fresh watered
By the surf waving at the edge of the Krystal sands.
My skin and senses are alive with the joy of being alive.
Sweet Sister Snatam is telling me that I am becoming the
Song of my Heart.
The angel that shares my life sleeps happily by the blue pool
Where I bathed upon leaving the sands.

The blue stone I wear over my heart has guided me to this blue pool.
My surrender to the truth that God is Love has guided me
To seek Love in everything surrounding me
And finding myself surrounded by love.

It seems wise as I choose the realities of the life yet to come
To follow that surrender with no resistance
To the Love of the

Five magnificent pelicans just drifted overhead and my
Angel bent down and kissed me on the mouth.
No Resistance!

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
February 28, 2015


For eleven days I sat in a room with death
Thinking about love, feeling my body
Weaken as the beatings of my
Heart continued to slow.

But the light of love within my heart
Calmed me and brought me peace.
I saw this guiding light shine
Even on death and
Through death.

Before taking death's hand I wanted
To leave behind words telling of
What I had found at the
Endpoint of these

I wrote that I saw that "The One", the
Spirit that quickens all life and
Inspires all awareness.
Is Love itself.
God is Love.
Love is

I saw that I, one of the many,
Co-inhere with "The One"
Through Love.
It was surrendering to that
Simple but profound truth
That brought peace to
My failing heart.

The wheel turned. As death left the room
He told me to remember that
I was now on bonus time.
We parted on good

Now a miraculous bionic bonus maker
Beats away beneath my collar bone
Keeping my heart pulsing in pace
With my life's demands.

I will live as I have lived but with renewed
Resolve to bring awareness and
Gratitude to as many
Of my moments as
I can manage.

I will try to write of what I have seen
With clarity and beauty and let the
Light of love guide my way
In these days of my
Bonus time.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 24, 2014


At the time of my death I will be soft like snow and
I will melt into the ocean of the waters of life.
The stardust of my body will swirl off into the
Local Reality of the physical universe.
My consciousness will slip into the
Nonlocal reality of universal
 My soul will merge with
 The Spirit from
which it

The Spirit that is the Creator of all reality
And the resting place of all memories.
The universal and singular consciousness
That unites all awareness, that
Is the ground of all being,
 And in which all reality
is Coinherent

The living Spirit that is the singular
Dynamic process of the
Coinherence of:
               Truth /Beauty
"The One"
In time we
Are all

South Fork, Colorado
June 4, 2014


Bringing our open hearts together in
Warm loving hugs of friendship,
My heart opens ever wider to
The free flow of love and
The whispers of the

I can be myself with you, both of us able to
Embrace the feminine tenderness and
The juicy intensity of maleness
That dance within me,
As we embrace the
Goddess at play
Within you.

There is no hurt in our embracing
Because our hearts are open,
And the love that flows
through open hearts
Brings joy, and
Does no

Through your own open heart
You find joy in the love
I have for the Angel
Who shares
My life.

You are a beautiful friend that
I am happy to love,
Sweet Sister.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
February 21, 2014


Men of learning and science, power and wealth
Arriving at the crib of the Infant.
The mind bending its knee to
The mystery and love of
The Spirit.

The coming full circle of the mind
And the Spirit that enables it
To create and to love.
Bended knees in
Gratitude for

Santa Fe, New Mexico
January 6, 2014


In the straightest of states
My awareness spins across time's ocean
Lighting what I need to see to safely navigate
This worldly life through all its frantic commotion:
Maintenance and finances, responsibilities and dangers,
Contracts and constraints, my body's urges,
My body's complaints.

Sometimes I need to slow down the spinning
And focus the light on fewer things.
As the spinning slows
I can see the beauty that flows
All around me, even glimpse obscurely the
Connections beneath time between all that I see.
I know that when the spinning eventually stops
Only the mystical state of one-pointedness remains
A place beyond the reach of language
And this poor poet's power.

There is skill in the slowing of the spinning
Sensing the balance of doing and seeing.
Not too much. Not too little.
Seek bliss, Do no harm. The life
Dance of this self-aware
Human being.

In the slowness of the spinning I find myself
Slow dancing on Hanuman's altar to the music of Love.
The skill to this dancing begins with the
Hearing of the music.

I want to slow the spinning and
Experience the bliss of one-pointedness and
Leave the reality of witnessing words in our 3D+1 Cosmos
Before the fiery furnace of death dissolves my worldly life.

I am the I who will die and
I am the I who I will meet in the bliss of

In the slowness of the spinning
I sense the Love. I sense
The Bliss of total

I am the I who dances.
I am the I who will die.
The music will never die.
The love I have danced
Will never

In the slowness of the spinning
I sense Love. I become

Now the world calls.
The seeing spinning speeds
Leaving the altar to an altered state.
- I wonder how the Tao is

Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 19, 2013


The skies over South Fork are blistered and bronze
With smoke from the blazing burning forests.
Magnificent tall spruce trees, wounded by
Thirst in the dry windy drought are
Killed by tiny burrowing beetles.
The fires feed on the trees'
Dry gray bones.

The winds of drought drive
The fires to rage against the
The tired brave people charged
With saving our human culture.

Maybe someday the tired brave people will
Rage against those who deny man's responsibility
For energizing the atmosphere with our wastes and
Upsetting the balance of energy between the
Oceans and the skies.

Maybe someday all the world's people
Will cooperate in the struggle to bring
Harmony between human culture
And our planet's ecology.

Or, maybe everyone will just go their
Own way and the fires will continue
To feed on dry gray bones.

Tonight, I will grill some sausages,
Marvel at the colors in the sky,
And send my love to all the
Tired brave people.

South Fork, Colorado
June 20, 2013


Two social weekends in a row!
What a beautiful gift and a great joy
To be with people with whom
You share love and
An open heart:
A taste of

Tonight we're both a little tired
In our aging bodies and
Sink into the familiar
Sounds that we
Two make.

I hear the voice of my angel,
Music, the wind in the trees,
Water falling,
Birds calling,
Dove wings
A taste of

Santa Fe, New Mexico
April 29, 2013


The years that water my life
Twist, turn, and tumble down the slippery walls of time.
Looking back up through the mists of my freefalling days
I see the swirling confusion and energy of youth and
The focused forceful streams of manhood.
I see rainbows bathed in the glory of light
Painting the walls with beauty and joy.
I see dark clouds tinged with salty tears
Etching the walls with stories of pain and loss.
Around me now are white waters of dissolution.
I taste the surrounding sweetness.

Looking down I can see the quiet green pool
Waiting at the foot of my life's fall. Strength fails me -
I fear the violence of the quickly coming splash
The end of the waterfall of my years.

Now the Spirit who rides with me through the fall of time
Opens my heart to hear in the sounds of the splash
The laughter of children and the music of home
To find strength in the certain knowledge
Of the Love that awaits me
In the green pool at
The foot of the

Santa Fe, New Mexico
January 8, 2013


Turning point for the North
Days of deepening darkness turning
Toward days of lengthening light.
Tomorrow the Mayan calendars reset to zero
The odometers turn over
New cycles begin.

Desperate for change, many hope
That this solstice could mark a turning point on
Mankind's journey of evolution from out of the caves.
A turning away from ignorance and violence
Toward the light of Awareness and
The warmth of Love.

Without a solstice, the road ahead descends further into a world
Where religious fanatics and states slaughter the innocent
Because they pray to the One God from a different book;
Where insane heads of state are allowed to destroy
Their nations in the name of national sovereignty;
Where politicians refuse to cooperate for the
Common good or the protection of our planet
To protect the interest of the wealthy few
Or the purity of irrelevant ideologies;
Where the insane can easily obtain
Weapons of war to massacre
Our sweet babies.

It is up to us, the rational and the compassionate,
To bring about mankind's solstice and force a turning point.
We can flood the road ahead with tears of grief and resistance.
We can create a storm of howling winds of anger
And thunderous cries of "Enough is

United we can resist leaders taking us over cliffs of selfishness
And lift up those enabling the solstice of mankind,
With their faces turned toward the light of
Reason, compassion and the
Wisdom of

After the solstice
Comes the

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 20, 2012


The Christian scribes wrote
"In the beginning was Logos,
And Logos was with the Creator,
And Logos was the Creator."

In the language of ancient Greece, Logos means
Reason, the Law, the Way and the Word.
The Dharma is Logos, the Tao is Logos
The Vedic Ṛta, ऋतं, is Logos
And the sound of Logos

The holy words of the Hebrew scribes
Tell us that human beings are made in the
"Image and likeness of the Creator."
צֶלֶם אֱלֹהִים
The Creator is

Living Logos is Awareness.
Therefore the Creator is Awareness.
And the Sound of Awareness

The holy words of Christmas sing
That "the Logos was made
Flesh and dwelt
Among us"

Om Mani Padme Hum
ओं मणिपद्मे हूं

The Infant of Christmas, who was made of Logos,
Grew and lived among us revealing the Truth
That Logos is Love
And that the Spirit of Logos dwells within
The souls of all human beings blessed
By the descent of the

The Spirit of Logos is the Holy Trinity of
Awareness, Truth and Love.
But the Prophet of Islam reminds us
That the Creator is One.
لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله

The mystery of the Trinity is that
Truth and
Co-inhere in Unity as the
Only Creator there is:
"The One"

The comfort and blessings of the Dove,
the Spirit of the Creator, "The One",
Comes to all humans whose
Hearts are open to

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 16, 2012


My Self, the Spirit within me,
Is a tiny cup filled with water
from the Ocean of the

A tiny cup co-inherent
With the infinite Ocean
Because of the water
Within it.

The precious water of -
Awareness that creates reality from information, "it from bit"; and
Love that opens my heart to the good, the true, and the beautiful
and fills it with compassion for all the thirsty people
who have lost sight of the
tiny cup within that
never runs dry.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
October 20, 2012


Surrounded by love
Before family and friends
I stood with Sarah and Will
And asked the questions and said
The words that married them
Joining us all in a ceremony of hope
Celebrating love and the beginning
Of a new human

Surrounded by love
In the quiet beauty of my home
I celebrate my own marriage and family.
The years have deepened and sweetened my love
For Louise - the angel who shares my life.
I take joy in the lives of the seven
Women now walking the earth
Who grew from my love and desire for a family.
I still feel a father's tender wish
To wrap them in warm white wings
Of protection and freedom
And unconditional

Surrounded by love
I joined with our extended family this summer
Celebrating the marriages of two of my granddaughters.
Now there are three new families for me to love
Three beautiful blessings to celebrate.
For the more I love the more
My heart is open to love
And the more I love
The closer I am to
The Source of
All love.

Surrounded by love
I celebrate the memory of the many people
That have loved and inspired me along my path.
The love that we have shared and the love that I have lived
Are a part of my Self - the soul that lives forever
in the ocean outside of space and time.
The connections of my soul are blessed with the love -      
Of the family that nurtured and protected me as a child;
Of the teachers that led me to awareness, love of the
truth and belief in my Self;
Of the young woman who grew with me into adulthood
and gave birth to our daughters;
Of the other women that joined their path with mine
for a time and let me love them;
Of the friends, the precious few, our souls connected
through open hearts.

Surrounded by love
I celebrate the connection of my soul to spirits that
have passed before me into the Ocean of the Creator-       
The relations and relatives I see in the palm of my hand;
The ancestors coded in the DNA of my body's cells;
The great thinkers and leaders whose words and lives
continue to inspire my awareness;
The people I have loved who live in my thoughts;
The Gurus and Masters of the Brotherhood
gently guiding my way home.

I celebrate your presence in my life.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
October 18, 2012


Striding up a vertical rock wall
Splayed like a spider on water,
He searched for purchase for the
Tips of his fingers and toes among
The tenuous and tiny imperfections
In the smoothness of the rock.
Clinging to the wall, he steeled
His mind and aching muscles
For the effort of the
Next step up.

Around his body was a safety rope
Belayed to his beloved below.
He was focused on a bolt glistening in the sun
Anchored firmly in the rock just beyond his reach.
She, focused on his effort, called out encouragement.
Finally, he stretched toward the bolt
With a clip on the rope in his hand.
CLICK! Another stage of the climb
Safely behind him.

"Take me", he called out to his beloved below.
"Yes", she said. She anchored
The rope with her body.
And he rested.

For Sarah and Will
Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 8, 2012


During the Holy Hours
of this year's Good Friday
I found myself in a lonely part of Colorado
in a narrow canyon that was once a path of penance
and now a place where rock climbers
challenge gravity and the
strength of their

Years ago, on this day,
Los Hermanos Penitentes,
burdened with their crosses, heavy
with their sense of the weakness of their flesh,
would struggle along this Via Dolorosa de Colorado,
wounding themselves with whips and thorns,
staining the dusty path through the canyon
with dark drops of their blood.
The only witness to their cries,
the soaring hawk,
the echoing

At the end of the canyon,
during the hot and Holy Hours,
one of the brothers would hang,
tied to a heavy wooden cross, trying
to live something of the sufferings of Christ,
looking out at his brothers and his world
as if for the last time.

When the sun darkened, and the Holy Hours were over,
His brothers cut him loose from the Tree of Duality.
Imitating Christ, he had lived beyond the cross.
But, had he been redeemed?

Had he realized the end of the path to Golgotha
and seen the path to Compassion and the rebirth of Easter?
Had he seen beyond Easter to the path of Love
that leads to the Descent of the Dove?
Or, even beyond that to the
path of Awareness leading
to the Kingdom of
The One?

The brother chose redemption.
He chose to follow the Way and the Life -
the Truth of the paths that he saw
while hanging from his

And in the Moradas of the San Luis Valley
suffering people would find charity and comfort
from the brothers who had chosen
redemption at the end of

Santa Fe, New Mexico
June 16, 2012


A winter storm
blew across my path
the bitter winds driving me
into a dark cave of isolation and pain.

Brain and fingers
weakened by the poppy's power
unable to touch the keys that connect me to you
I am saddened and shaken by a sense of
aloneness as the storm
rages around me.

But I am not alone.
An angel shares my life
While the spirits of mercy
Bind me with green and graceful love.
In the darkness of the cave a glimmer of gratitude
was born and nourished until it became
a healing

The storm has blown itself away.
Now I sit outside the shelter grateful for the springtime sun,
humbled by the experience of confinement,
softened by compassion for the old man
- so aware of death,
so longing
to live.

Once again I can sense your presence beneath these keys
and the need to tell you of my love and longing.
I feel you pulling me to you
through these fingers
letter by letter
word by word
touch by

South Fork, Colorado
May 24, 2012


To all the priests of Hanuman
To all the guru-bhai nurturing the Temple at Taos
To all the loving and aware beings that
are now a part of my soul

I send you my co-inherent love
With gratitude for your love and awareness
And a warm enfolding hug.

Remember that Christmas celebrates
The incarnation of the Dove
As well as of the Son.

In the presence of
The One.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 15, 2011


I wish to live on Hanuman's altar
A place of beauty where all I need to know
Is that Love is Awareness, Awareness Love.
The place John Keats described where all
We know and need to know is that
Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty.
It is the same, the place of
The One.

To live in this sacred place
I need only to choose to
Be aware and
Be loving.

If we meet on Hanuman's altar
I will see you and you will see me.
Seeing me, you are aware of who
I am and of my love for you.
For that is how the priests
of Hanuman see each other
When they are living
On Hanuman's

Santa Fe, New Mexico
December 15, 2011



This Christmas I wish
Santa would cover all the crucifixes
In homes, classrooms and churches everywhere
With the image of the resplendent Dove,
The image of life giving Love,
The image of
The One.

On Christmas day all would awaken to the sight of the
Suffering Christ, the crucified Son,
Covered by the redeeming
Comforting wings of
The Dove.

All would be reminded that the Son lives
Within the mystery of the Trinity with the
Father and the Dove as
The One.
And that the Word became Flesh to
Show the people of the earth
That the only law is

                         The Father
                              The Son
                                    The Holy Spirit (Co-inherence, Love)
= God, Allah, Brahman, the Creator,
The One

Since the Creator is timeless, the Trinity
was not born at the birth of the Son.
Infinite and eternal
                                      Co-inherence (Love)
= God, Allah, Brahman, the Creator,
The One

Since the Creator is Love,
The image of the Dove,
is also the sign of
The One.

In this sign we can conquer
The divisions of duality
By the Love of
The One.


Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 29, 2011
(The image of the Dove - courtesy of the Lama Foundation.)

Saint John the Apostle wrote that
The Creator is
Love itself.
Saint Thomas Aquinas, Master of
Theologians, wrote that
Truth is the equation of thought and thing
And the Creator is therefore
Truth itself.
If Awareness is the act of understanding
Producing that equation, it follows
That the Creator is
Awareness itself.

                                      Co-inherence (Love)
= God, Allah, Brahman, the Creator,
The One

If this is the nature of the Creator,
It follows that the Law of Creation for us humans is:
Be aware
Love the Truth
Love One Another.

By following this Law we participate in
The flow of Creation, the flow of
Our evolution, the flow of

Resistance to the flow of Oneness
Leads to the domain of duality
the hell of division and

Why resist the Dharma? Why choose duality?
Even if you succeed in passing through duality
The flow of Creation will continue
To push you toward Oneness.

Loving The One is

Oneness is the beginning
And end of

South Fork, Colorado
November 19, 2011


Ṛta means-
The Law -
Order -
Truth -
Dharma -
Tao -
Asha -
Logos -
The way of things -
The object of all scientific study.

Long ago on the steppes of Central Asia
The Vedic singers in Soma ceremonies
Sung of their faith that
Ṛta was the Truth and the Way,
Ṛta could be trusted.
Their hymn, the Rigveda,
Greeted the dawn of humanity
Celebrating the idea that
Unites all humanity -

Millennia later the scribes of the Upaniṣads,
The Ṛṣis, wrote that
Ṛta + Truth = Brahman,
The Creator.

But along the way the Vedic priests,
Lost in the duality of asceticism,
Created the divisions of caste.
Clear eyed Buddha saw no relevance for a Creator
And no justification for caste.
His Ṛṣis wrote that
Ṛta + Truth = Dharma
Where the truths were four and noble
And the Dharma was an eight-fold way.
But the enigma and confusion of the basic duality
Of Creator and Creation, Spirit and Matter,
Remained to plague humanity.
As it does to this day.

Centuries later the Christian Ṛṣis,
Scribes of the New Testament,
Gave us the clue to solving the enigma
And salvation from the plague.
The duality became a Trinity and the Trinity became One
Through the mystery of co-inherence.
They told us that the Father, and the Son
Co-inhere through the Holy Spirit
As God, Allah,
The One.

But the religions of the world
Seem unaware of the mystery of co-inherence
And cling to their divisions and destructive ways.
So duality continues to plague humanity
Even to these dangerous days.

After centuries of looking, scientists, the students of Ṛta,
Have seen the beginning and the expansion of our Cosmos
And have witnessed the emergence of complexity
In the networks of evolution.
There is science behind the metaphysics of
A created Cosmos
And a direction to human

Now has come the time for new Ṛṣis
To complete the equations of the
Upaniṣads and declare:
Ṛta +Truth = Awareness.
Brahma is Awareness.
The Creator is Awareness.
Awareness is the Dharma.

The basic duality, as are all dualities,
Is completed by co-inherence with the One.
                                          Co-inherence (Awareness)
                                            = The One
                                          Co-inherence (Love)
                                            = The One
                                          Co-inherence (Love)
                                            = The One

This is the scientific darshan of the new Ṛṣis
The path away from the darkness
Of duality and destruction
Into the Tao of Oneness
The Ṛta of

Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 10, 2011


My mp3 player has 2 playlists
Spiritual Music, and
World Music.
Silence can
Make it

In Silence,
I go where Love takes me.

In Silence,
I become the Music.

Silence completes the duality
And all 3 co-inhere as

Santa Fe, New Mexico
November 3, 2011


                                    What am I?

                                    Inspired, or
                                    Awake, or
                                    Loving, or
                                    Open, or
                                    A window, or
                                                       A mirror?

                                    Two sides of the duality of
                                    Self, or
that the mystery of co-inherence makes one
Just as it does for the
Father and the

                                                 = I

                                                 =The One

The One is the completion of all duality
- all multiplicity.
Everything in spacetime is
created by Spirit.
Everything and Spirit
co-inhere in
The One.

When you look into the windows to my soul
What is it that you see?
Yourself, or me?
Or, both?

South Fork, Colorado
October 23, 2011


There was a hungry young bear
in our backyard last night
driven by drought from
the wild places
in the Sangre de Cristo's
that can no longer sustain his life or
prepare him for the cold winter
to come.

Invading this human place he finds
water in our pond and feeds on the
stingy dry fruit of the spiny Russian olive.
This drought is the work of La Niña.
Have I helped create this danger
for him and for us?

Are humans affecting the shifting Pacific currents
playing tag with La Niña and El Niño?
The data say yes, 97% of the experts agree.
Greenhouse gases are real and rising.
The Polar and Greenland ice sheets
are streaming into the sea.

Too late to remediate, can we at least mitigate?
We can try. "Burn less carbon - Electrify"
The experts cry.
If we deny and move too slowly to heed that cry,
the bear and I may eventually have to face
what animals always face - adapt or die.

Tonight in the high desert I long
for El Niño's wet

Santa Fe, New Mexico
September 18, 2011


As my skin defines the limits of my body
My heart defines the limits of my Self.
It is through the openings in my heart
that my soul connects with my mind
and my Self connects with your Self
through the openings in your heart.

From the inside, Love pushes my heart outward,
seeking to widen its openings.
From outside spacetime, my soul passes through,
keeping the openings wide.

Love brings Inspiration -
Inspiration keeps Love alive.

But who is the "my" in
"my heart" and "my mind"?
It is "I",
the co-inherence of Self and Spirit.
"I" exist and am alive. Ergo,
Spirit exists and is alive.

Such a beautiful symbiosis -
Matter and Spirit,
Spirit and Matter
Love and Awareness,
Awareness and Love.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 27, 2011


          The old darshan of the Upaniṣads is:
              Eham       Self                   A
                 Etat          Not-Self                 U
                    Na             Negation                   M
                 =The Self is not the Not-Self            =AUM

That is the darshan of a static Cosmos:
where Being just is.
Buddha's clear eyes saw no relevance
for a Creator in a Cosmos both static and infinite.
His darshan for the Creator of such a Cosmos is
The old darshan for the Self has been used throughout
our brutal history to support the dynamic:

In the millennia since the time of the Vedic Rishis
science has taken the measure of the
size and the mass of the Cosmos.
It is scientific reality that our Cosmos
had a beginning and we are evolving.
We live in a material Cosmos that is dynamic:
where Being is Becoming
and spacetime is expanding.

           For our Cosmos a new darshan could be:
               Self                                  Self
                  Not-Self                            Not-Self
                      Awareness                            Love
                   =Creation                       =Co-inherence

              where the darshan for the Creator is
                                            = The One

This scientific darshan cannot be used
to justify dynamics that lead to ignorance, or hatred,
duality, or War.
This scientific darshan calls for dynamics that lead to an
expansion of Awareness and Love
and acknowledgment
of Unity.

Which darshan would you embrace?
Why cling to a darshan for a Cosmos
in which we do not exist?

Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 10, 2011


The incense consumes itself
sweetly, quietly,
without flame.

My darling Louise is
the incense of my life.
Our love, the glowing fire
that binds our souls.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 7, 2011


A little girl only six years old
knelt praying in the quiet church.
She was confused and crying softly,
longing to love the Spirit like the Sisters
who were her teachers, but begging not to be
called like them into lonely service.
She did not want to be alone.

The old man felt himself kneeling next to the little girl.
He wrapped her in a wing covered in soft white feathers
that smelled of the sky and a faint whiff of incense.
He bent down and kissed the crown of her head
and whispered to her in angel talk
that only an open heart can hear
"Be happy, sweet child.
The Spirit will always love you.
She will always be there to guide you
when you open your heart to her.
No matter how you live your life,
you will never be alone".

Thirty three years later and
thousands of miles from the church,
the old man sat in a garden with the little girl,
now a courageous and beautiful young woman.
Her dark eyes glisten with the happiness of her life.
They are friends. Their hearts are open to each other.
His Spirit soars with love for her.

Could his Spirit really have been in that church?
Did she hear the angel talk? Why not?
The Spirit knows no time or place.
Is this how it's done?

The old man sees how blessed his life has been and wonders:
How many times has he been wrapped
in the wings of the Dove?

For Laetitia.
South Fork, Colorado
July 25, 2011


Every being alive in spacetime is aware.
Awareness, the essence of all life,
is a living hologram
made up of tiny fragments, like you and me.
We are an infinity of awarenesses co-inhering
in the hologram as The One since we are all encoded
with the image of The One.

The coded image emerges from the hologram when we
are illuminated with the light of co-inherence,
the light we call Love.

We are The One when we live
in Love with each other.
The One is aware of the image of
The One in creation
when we
Love One Another.

That's why The One
created the hologram -
to nourish The One with the many.
And vice versa.

The One is the hologram.
The One is Love.
The One is alive.

Santa Fe, New Mexico
July 10, 2011

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