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A JavaScript Mandelbrot Zoomer
Instructions for operating the Infinity Zoomer

The operation is very simple. Basically, you set the "Display " to "Mandelbrot Fractals", choose a "Color Scheme", and choose the "Zoom Mode".The default zoom mode is "Single click/tap" where you click/tap at the point on the boundary you want to explore. Each click (tap) will increase the magnification by 2X with the display centered on the point you clicked/tapped. The alternative is the "Click (touch) and drag" facility that selects and defines a new viewing region. This facility has not yet been implemented for mobil devices (8/27/14). You can change the Color Scheme at any point during the zooming.

The current coordinates of the mouse position in the space of complex numbers, C, as the Real part of C (horizontal) and the Imaginary part of C (vertical) as well as the current magnification are displayed at the bottom of the window. These 3 numbers uniquely identify a particular image. They are appended to printouts of the image for future reference.



Color Schemes


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