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Instructions for operating Face of Infinity
The operation is very simple. Basically, you choose a "Color Scheme", set the "Display " to "Fractal", set the "Zoom Mode" to "Mouse click" with "Zoom In x2", position the mouse at the point on the boundary you want to explore and begin clicking. Each click will increase the magnification by 2X with the display centered on the point you clicked. If "Back out" is checked, each click will walk you back through one of the previous 10 steps. Alternatively, you can choose "Mouse Capture" and click and drag to select a new viewing region.

The current coordinates of the mouse position in terms of Real C (horizontal) and the Imaginary part of C (vertical) as well as the current magnification are displayed at the bottom of the window. These 3 numbers uniquely identify a particular pattern. If you want to return to a particular pattern, the display at the bottom of the window can be copied onto your clipboard and saved for future reference. There is an "Auto Pilot" facility that allows you to input the coordinates of an image you want to return to and the program will automatically take you there. (If you don't see the Face of Infinity below you may need to install the Silverlight plug-in in your browser. If you're using Internet Explorer you may need to disable "Protected Mode" [Tools/Internet options/Security] in order to use Silverlight.)

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